Differences Between Entrepreneurs and Employees


Distinctions Between Entrepreneurs and Employees

Spend More Time and Resources on Education than EntertainmentSpend More Time and Resources on Entertainment than Education
Have a Empowering Perspective of FailureSee Failure as something Bad
Find and Create Solution to Solve PermanentlyFix Problem Temporarily
Give Praise Othes Generously. Seek Improvements always.Often Praise Others. Contented and comfortable with situation.
Take Responsibility for Action.Run away from responsibility. Push blame to others.
Build and Invest WealthEarn and Save Money
Seek Companion of Higher or Equal CalibreMix with people with lesser or equal calibre
Move Forward into the Future GloryLook Back at the Past Glory.
Take RisksPlay it Safe Because of Fear
Know A little about A LotKnow A Lot of Little
Work PassionatelyWork 9-5 Routinely
Work on a BusinessWork on a Job
Seeking to reduce cost to work. Focus on Effectiveness.Seeking to reduce time to work. Focus on Efficiency.
Seek to be Effective.
Know how to choose and do the right work.
Seek to be Efficient. Know how to do work faster.
Think and Talk about IdeasThink and Talk about people and events.
Find Ways to be Uncomfortable and Enjoying it.Finds Ways to be Comfortable and Enjoying It.
See Problems as a ChallengeSee Problem as a Pain
Never have Plan B.Always looking for Plan B to fallback
Preferred to be Paid by the success of a taskPreferred to be Paid by the hour worked on a task
Will Work for FreeWill not Work for Free
Proactive in Seeking ProblemsReactive to Problems
Work in Long but Flexible HoursWork in Short Fixed Hours
Work during weekday and weekendWork during weekday
Have fun in workHave fun after work
Proactive Learning.
Seeking to be trained
Reactive Learning.
Waiting to be trained.
Self Learning in own pace anywhere anytime,Full or Semi Guided Learning in classroom at a fixed time.
Break Rules and always ask good questions.Follow Rules and hardly ask good questions.
Get AccreditatedGet Certified
Learning and Reading on the Mobile DevicesPlaying on the Mobile Devices
Has More Friends in Business than in JobsHas More Friends in Jobs than in Business.
Facebook Pages has many learning, informative and explorative contents.Facebook Pages has many entertainment, funnies, celebrities, games.
Find Information and Learning on Mobile Devices.Play Games on Mobile Devices
Mostly Listen to Business AudioBookMostly Listen to Music
Does Unstructured and Unexplored TasksDoes Routine Tasks
When ask to do a new and unknown task, they always replied "Wow! That is new to me. I am very excited and interested to explore it."When ask to do a new and unknown task, they always replied "Sorry. I don't how to do it."
Compete for Markets.Compete for Position in the company.
Always seeking ways to please the clientAlways seeking ways to please the boss/leader