Differences Between a Boss and a Leader

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Differences Between A Boss and A Leader

A BossA Leader
Put Fear to Drive ResultsInspire Enthusiasm to Drive Results
Look to put blame for failureLook for opportunity to learn from failure
Say "I"
Say "We"
Knows how to do itTeach and Show how it is done
Depend on rank or authority or positionDepend on influence or goodwill or relationship
Use PeopleGrow People
Take Credits for SuccessGive Credits for Success
Punish when failDiscover and Learn when fail
Say "Go!"Say "Let's Go"
Use money as carrotUse relationship as carrot
Drives OthersMentor/Coach Others
Business stops when the boss is not aroundBusiness runs even if the leader is away
People hates to be around the boss.People loves to be around the leader.